The weekend is finally here. It felt like forever to finally get here too. Good news is that this weekend has some chilled out shows. Good to know because last weekend was really intense (El Dorado Party Recap featured below) and next weekend is coming with the hypeness…. Coachella.
Oh man… just thinking about the weekend of the 17th, 18th and 19th gives me chills.
So, before you clock into your 10 hour days of music, chill out this weekend with some local movers and groovers.

Move on over to grove on to these local shows. Good times guaranteed:

* artwork is heaven sent from the Date Farmers. if you wanna see the image in real life, go to the Ace Hotel. treasure hunt staus.


hey now… this looks good! can we sayyyy… house party. my favorite kind. free entrance, mystery punch and good bands that will rock the spot. and sis you know that they will have a petting zoo there too? jk.

I know we got some reggae heads out in the desert. And even if you are not a self-proclaimed “reggae head”, it should be nice to get a nice little dosage of the goodness this weekend. It’s rare when a reggae shows comes to town… so make sure to jump on the opportunity while you can. And don’t skim over that fine print at the bottom, The Sky Box room has a lot of variety in the musical genre world as well.


Hmmm… A Mue. A Mue who? Solve the rest of this riddle on Saturday at J. Dee’s Landing. And don’t forget to show the local guys some lovin’. In fact, I heard via myspace that it’s Bolin’s (of something vague) Birthday today. So buy him a b-day beer when you see him.

Thanks for reading, come back soon!!
And if you have a party coming up, a photoshoot you wanna feature, and event that is awesome, or wanna give me some love/hate/feedback… please email me. I am always down for new ideas. Speak yo mind at