3… 2… 1…


Welcome back and welcome to the program. This week in the Coachella Valley we are seeing heavy, heavy activity. The week starts out with clear skies and calm temperatures… with a quick twist of faith mid week. Come Thursday the Coachella Valley will “make it rain”!

Savor the pleasant calming before the storm, because as we approach Thursday there will be a heavy rumble coming from the East, Los Angeles. This thunderstorm-like sound will continue all weekend long, but from the opposite side of the valley, Indio, CA. Keep an eye out on this storm watch. These will be dueto the heavy vibrations from The Empire Polo Fields all weekend long.

And now let’s head back into the studios to give the headliners for this week in the world of the Coachella Valley Art Scene:

1. Coachella After-parties. I have received like 20 emails asking if I am going to be posting info on the after parties… when and where they are at. Of course! Shoot. Things 2 Do Thursdays will feature the local shows and the hotel parties as well.

2. Anti-Coachellaians. Is there such a thing? Maybe not real word such as that one, but there such a person. For all those that will not be going to the Coachella Fest I have a really nice list of others to do around the valley. There is actually a lot of really cool stuff going on, so make sure to come back…

3. Earth Day. Haaaaayyyy! One of my personal favorite holidays. Earth Day is a day on the blog that I lllloovvveeeeee to celebrate, because no matter what religion you are, you are human. I will be posting all sorts of fun things to get ready for the week ahead. Green is the future.

4. Blue Rider Music Review. Guess whose back in the hhooouuussseee?? Blue Rider. Blue Rider, for those newbie followers to the blog, is the man with the master plan to album/music reviews. He found a jem in the desert and he wants to share his musical suggestion/taste with us all.

5. The CVAS Blog’s Coachella Timeline. We are finally here. We started in 1999 and we made it all the way to 2009. Scroll down if you aren’t aware of this. This week I am focusing on a few artists and things to look forward to that will be at the festival this year. Plus, I’m giving away FREE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!! just kidding. That was mean, huh? Sorry. It did get your attention though.

6. The usuals. FREE: Films, Events, Music and Things 2 Do Thursdays will be airing at the same place and time as they always are.

Have a fun and safe week everyone!! Thanks for reading and we’ll be back tomorrow.