In the final stages of recovery (from Coachella).
How about you?
The week after Coachella is almost as fun as the event itself. Recaping and reflecting with friends and other concert goers is always entertaining. And since all ya’ll reading this are my friends, I will be sharing the CVAS blog’s Coachella Recap with you very soon. And let me tell you, it’s going to be very cool!
The, just when you thought the CVAS blog’s Coachelal Recap was cool, I will be recaping the Stagecoach Music Fest next week as well. Yyyeeeeee hhhhhaaaaaa!….
So, although the main focus of this week is on the Coachella Recap, I will be covering a bunch of other stuff around the valley as well.
Events from around the way this week:
1. Coachella pics/stories/videos.
If you got ’em – share ’em. Link me to your photobucket, flickr, myspace, email, whatever…. do it. Email, myspace, or facebook me…
2. Explorations of the Desert.
Shane McMurphy is awesome. Remember a couple weeks ago we covered the story on the Indio Teen Center’s newest art installation?? Well, Shane went and shot the piece at nice. No, not with a pistol, with his camera. Gosh! Amazing photos soon to come.
3. Tikes on Bikes.
Ok, so nobody in this group is a “tike”, but they all look “tight” on their bikes. Hmmm… ok, so the real point that I am trying to make is that there is a cool bike club starting up and if you are cool then you will join. And look tight while doing it. Johnny 5000, the photographer, is leading the pack. It’s this Sunday. Be there or be…. not tight.
4. Earth Day.
Just a day, month, year, or an entire lifetime living the lifestyle… however you like to celebrate it and whenever you like to celebrate it, it’s cool with me. Just take at least one day out of your year to show your appreciation to Mother Nature.
5. DJ Day X DC Show Comapny.
Ssssaayyyyyy wwhhhaaaatttt!?!?! That’s right. Not to mention DJ Day just got back from tour with Exhile and The Grouch and Eligh. Welcome home Day!
6. Things 2 Do Thursdays.
Party like a …. party like a rock star… party like a … party like a rock star. Aren’t you glad that song isn’t on the radio anymore. Jeeez. Anyways, I dunno about Stagecoach after parties but I do know that there are some good local shows this weekend. So come back on Thursday to see what the happs are.
7. FREE: Films, Events, Music.
Yes, still going on and still going strong. Since the weather is getting hotter and hotter… we ironically get more and more free things to do in the desert. Some incentives to hang around I guess.
8. Writers, artists, interns, oh my!
If you are interested in working with the CVAS blog, then I am interested to hear what you can bring to the table. If you love the arts and you have a good work ethic, then let’s link up. The blog is looking to expand it’s staff! Email me and we will see where we can go from there. Email address:
Thank you for reading and have a good rest of the week everyone!!