As we still linger in the shadows of Coachella from last weekend, this weekend provides cool places for us to party at.
The desert heat can’t faze the desert kids. So the party just continues…
Friday night has almost as much of a musical genre variety as the last one. And Saturday doesn’t serve a sparse plate either. Be prepared to make some hefty decisions on what to consume for the night.

Here are some healthy snacks for your late night munchy sessions:

*photo brough to you by Mmceda.

sneak a snake. something vague makes the ultimate comeback. plaid oak plays. bolin jue doing solo shows. and a new venue. trip out.
one thing that i like about Breal is that he has his own line of clear papers for marketing. that’s just Breal being real. so with that being said… don’t forget the goods at home. also, come to check out some of the deserts best hip hop underground team’s scene. ivan, odysey, precise, and three strykes just to name a few….

this will be my first year going to Stagecoach Music Festival, and i’m excited. the whole family is going to pile into the car and go check it out. this is definitely an event that should not be hated on. if you do your research, and are down for folk or blue grass, then there are some really good acts. i am, personally, not a fan of country myself… but, to be honest, i’ve never seen it live. hmmm… we’ll see. i’ll recap this event as well. so come back for that.
hhaaayyyy now! if there is one way to promote an event, it’s to throw some sexy cartoon characters on the flyer. but if you want opinion, the car is pretty sexy too. is that a Sabb? m modern starts your Saturday night off to a good start… come swing by.
hhheeeeyyyy wait a minute…. are these the same chicks from that last flyer, just brought to life on this one? pretty narly. friday brought you one side of the desert’s hip hop scene, while saturday brings you an entirely different hip hop genre’s lineup. kinda east CV heavy. check it, ya might dig, yaknowhataimean?
hhooouuussseeee ppaaarrrtttyyy. hey now. the lineup is mighty heavy. heavy as in lots of good things to eat up, as in music to indulge in, as in yummy, as in… go. it’s a buffet for only $3.

yeah, i will be here. getting down with my bad self. i’m gonna be wearing my favorite NWA shirt. look for me.
thanks for reading! and make sure to come back on Friday for my Coachella Recap!!! it’s a good one.