<---- Lukcy ticket, right here.
(just ignore the date)
If I win, I promise I will throw the biggest parties in the desert. Coachella scale artists, but in a Tack Room Tavern or The Point After venue. Ttthhooosseee kinda parties. Super bangin’!
That is… after I travel the world a couple time around.
Untill that day comes when I win the big ticket we will have to settle with the parties that we have this weekend. Which, are nothing to moan and groan about. In fact, there is a lot of good stuff this weekend.
Notable event to mention in the College of Desert’s art student art shows in Palm Springs. I am really happy to see the community reaching out to the college kids of the valley. Holler.
Another party that is of notable mention that hasn’t recieved much press is Aesthetic Arrest’s and Kil At Wil’s show with Aceyalone and Abstract Rude. The dudes are on tour and just happen to be swinging by Palm Springs that night. Should be a good show.
But… as you know… picking parties is kinda like picking your lotto ticket…
You gotta go with your lucky numbers and first instincts, or else it will be a dud.
Lucky numbers and lineup here:


Word! Go check it out. Period.

Every time I tried to save this party flyer on my computer the top half (or the front half) gets cut off. I dunno know why. But, just so you know, this is another art show going on on the same night as the COD kids art show. Cool thing is, you can make both. So do it. Party is at GoodTime Smoke shop.


This is a last minute show, in case you were wondering how you missed out on hearing about this one. Should be good. Roll through.

I know a lot of people who read the blog are in their 20’s or so… give or take… but in case you happen to be the 13-18 year old range… this is the party for you.
Wait a minute! Isn’t Sugafree a hip hop dude?? Could DJ Sugarfree be him?? Hhhmm… you just never know unless you go.

Andy Lara sent this to me and he is going to be playing! Something Specific… oh no just kidding… Something Vague… go check them out and cheer them on.

Thanks for reading and come back soon! If you ahve any questions, comments, concerns, cackles… write in to thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com