Some of you may, or may not, know about the Evan Hecox art that is up and being sold at Ace Hotel. Hecox is an illustrator for Chocolate Skateboards and recently linked up with Ace Hotel to do some Palm Spring illustrations for the hotel.

The day I did that cover story on Ace Hotel I bought one of Hecox’s prints. At that time I didn’t even know who the artist was , I just thought the print was really dope and it truly captured the vintage American appeal of the desert. Anyways, sometime later when I went home and did some research on the artist, I found out that he was a designer for Chocolate Skateboards. I thought that was pretty cool and it made a lot of sense…. considering the hipness of The Ace Hotel (i.e. Date Farmers, ice cream carts, cool bar, Evan Hecox, etc.) and my personal liking and gravitation towards anything skate-ish. Know what I mean? Point is, the prints are fresh!
Here are some that I think you might enjoy:

“Evan Hecox bases his work on his observations of urban environments and the people that inhabit them, combining the eye of a photographer with his love of drawing, painting and printmaking. Hecox spent a week photographing the Palm Springs area, and drew upon those images and experiences to create the body of work that is exhibited at Ace Hotel.
In taking on Palm Springs as subject matter he embraces a more organic side of his aesthetic, combining architectural forms with the unique desert landscape of the area. His attraction to old signage, vintage cars and other bits of fading American culture is perfectly suited to capturing Palm Springs. Through this series of prints he finds both the picturesque aspects and the seedier side of this unusual desert world.” Via