Okay, okay… so I am just starting to get into the swing of things with this whole twitter thing…. and I’m starting to like it. It’s a great way for a blogger like myself to give updates to my readers at a super duper speedy rate. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to stay in touch with a bunch of other people from the desert as well. And yeah, I mean, not every tweet out there is full of vital information… but more likely than not they will bring a smile to your face.
I have taken pictures of some of my favorite twitter friend’s profiles. Some, such as the My Desert, give great news updates on the desert. Some, like Daikon Eklectick, are just funny to read. And some, like DJ Famemiss, are a good way to stay updated on a DJ from the desert.
Click on the pictures of the twitter profiles to be directly linked!
And don’t forget to add the CVAS blog!