This weekend is all about personal victories.
Whether your victory is climbing to the highest points in the valley, or reaching your personal levels of elevation… it’s gonna happen. So, strap on your best shoes, favorite socks, and get ready to to rock and roll.

A couple shows that would typically take place in the lower desert are being outsourced to the high desert. There are different levels of elevations in the high desert that haven’t been explored lately. For those looking for new thrills, take a walk, or drive on the wild side and head up to the high desert.
Speaking of new territories… this weekend welcomes bands from outta town and all over Southern California. Check out some of the parties that are bringing the noise from around the way. Pretty cool. Good looking out Daily Dares.

*post card art by Perry Scanlon

Word on the street, and over the internet, is that this event cracks! It just started getting more popular. Go check it out. And don’t forget to get there early or call to reserve your space.


Have you been to the Water Canyon? For those who have, there is no need to explain how cool it is because I know you are going to go to this show. For those who haven’t visited this spot… let me tell you… it’s one of my favorite coffee places in the entire desert. The two stories and interior design got me from day one. It’s so comfy cozy. And they have always supported local artists and musicians. Espresso is a must too. Check it.

Thirsty … what? Third what? oooohhh these are all bands from outta ttooowwwnnn. Okay. Gots to go check out the new kids on the block. Cuz the block is hot, yo.

It’s a family affair ya’ll. Get down with the shananigans at the shananigan place.


BUmmer is that this flyer is much cooler when it blinks at you. GIF isn’t down with the blogger format… or visa versa. So, anyways, if the flyer is that cool… just imagine how cool the party is gonna be. Holla!

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