One look at these chicks, and you might get a little intimidated. Walk up and introduce yourself, they end up being pretty sweet.
One look at the party flyers for this week in the desert, you might get the impression that they are a little intimidating. End up at one of the parties, and you’ll find out they are a lot of fun.
That’s the thing: you can’t judge a girl by her looks, a book by it’s cover, a party by the flyer. It always turns out to be something way different, way better, the way you wanted it.
This weekend has a solid party line up. With selections that only a true music fan could ask for. Looks like all the hometown heroes in the music scene are going to have the light shined on them at some point this weekend.
So, go cheer them on. Show up to the party. And… who know… maybe a group of chicks like the ones photographed here will be there.


Holler! Preparty in DHS. At the skatepark. Word is that the prizes are going to be BANGIN! Show up or forever wish you did. more info on epidemic’s blog

A party that benefits you, me and thousands of other people? A party for a good cause? A party with a good line up? Where is this party!?!?! The Point After. Don’t miss the point to the party.


Coachella Fest… Joshua Tree Music Fest… Bastard Fest! The bests of the fests in the desert. You don’t want to miss this. Do or die.

If youre all fested out… then come on over to Z for all your rock, reggae, and hip hop needs. Rumor is that there are free drinks. Let me repeat that, rumor is that there are free drinks. If this is a lie… I repeat that was just a rumor I heard. Go see if the rumor is true.
Thanks for reading, if you know about a party that I dont have up here, email me!