This salute is for you.
All aboard mate! This weekend is going to be a long one, one with many bumps and grinds, with many people tipsy and turvy. The kind we like. The kind that brings a little chaos to our routine, Monday through Friday. The kind we need right before we drive head first into those dry summer months.
Whether your packing your bags to head to the shore, or staying at home, there is plenty to do. So get your whole troop together!
Just in case some of ya’ll’s fickle fingers are broken, I have a few suggestions of parties to go to each night. On Friday night, everyone should head on up to Morongo Valley! The Cactus Mart, which just so happens to be the CVAS blog’s website sponsors, is having a party! The band that named themselves after the the Cactus Mart’s famous deal (“Dig Your Own Cactus for 39 cents”), Dig Your Own, will be reuniting and playing a nice jam set. They will be having art and food and lots of…. yep, you guessed right… cactus. Pick your own that night for the old-school 39 cents. Those are practically pin-up girl prices!
On Saturday night, I’m gonna have to go with the Anti-Prom put on by the G.ay A.ssociated Y.outh of the Desert. This will be my 3rd year attending and I swear every year it gets bigger and the outfits just get even more and more better. It’s pretty awesome. Oh… Alf Alpha is DJing. So It’s gonna be a BANGER!
On Sunday, I’m gonna with probably what you would expect me to go with…. Ace Hotel. And you already know all the reasons why. But, in case you didn’t… one BIG reason is because they love my good friends the Date Farmers. They even have my FAVORITE piece by the Date Farmers on their flier. Intelligent minds think a like.
Have a safe and fun weekend everyone…. just keep an eye out like ‘ey ‘ey Captain:

*the Cactus Mart the the CVAS’s website sponsor =)


* DJ Alf Alpha is going to be djing. this anti-prom is not your sterotypical prom. it’s a bad ass party.

* Date Farmers art in full effect at Ace Hotel

if you know of a party that isnt up here… make sure to holler: