Lately I have been getting a bunch of emails asking me about the Date Farmers. You guys wanna know what they’re up to, whens their next studio party, where they’re at. Well here is a little glimpse as to what the desert natives are up to artistically…

(all info is from New Image Art Gallery’s blog)

“The Date Farmers came in this week to drop off work for POW. New Image Art and POW are working together on a series of Date Farmer prints. The DF’s will be showing a few paintings in POW’s London Gallery also.The initial drawings and print ideas look radical!Expect lots of color and lots of Cholos and a multi- legged Panther for starters….”
– Marcia, Owner of New Image Art

a Date Farmers sighting at the New Image Art Gallery on Melrose in Hollywood

most recent painting from them. super sick.

more new works. i can dig it.

close up.

i took this picture. alf alpha took me and my friend on a secret tour of their art studio a couple weeks ago when nobody was there. i love how i can see myself in this piece.

wider version of it. the details are ridiculous.
there was tons more… but i will have to save all those photos for the next
Date Farmer Art Studio Party
(another thing I have received a bunch of emails about)
it will be coming soon my friends…