Welcome back to the program.
How was your weekend?
Oh, mine was wonderful. It was very inspiring. Camping in the Morongo Canyons with about 40 other young desert artists always is. The camping went down at the California Soul‘s headquarters. It was pretty epic to say the least. Not out of control, as nothing in the desert ever is… it was just this very chill, very fun, very memorable experience. And if the California kids are reading this… thanks for the invite, guys.
With that experience in mind… I predict that this week on the blog will have a very nostalgic feel to it. Some features that will have heavy doses of nostalgia shall include:

1. Skate Videos. What would the desert be if we didn’t have the Nude Bowl, beautiful skate parks, huge half pipes in the middle of the desert, and youtubes of kids shredding it all up? I hung out with Jared Huss this weekend, I let him chomp on some really good food that I brought to the camping party in trade for some good youtubes from his blog (although I didn’t tell him that I’d be stealing youtubes from him at the time). Jared is a Pisces, such a Pisces, for all those who didn’t know.
2. Free Foreign Films. Just when you though the weather was hot and there wasn’t anything to do – you thought wrong. Summer time = free foreign film time. Come back for more info.
3. Galleries a Go Go! Man oh man… this week in the desert the art galleried are going bananas with all sorts of things to do. Come on the blog to whats all good in the hood.
4. Commercial Break. Youtube digging is the new deal. It’s the business. My personal youtube excursions are all about the desert, come see what I find… and feel forward to link me up with yours.
5. Free Downlaods. Music here, music there, free music downloads on the blog, we will show you where to click.
6. Date Farmers. I’ve been getting a tons of emails about when the next Date Farmer party is, what their up to, and other things… so, I’m gonna update you guys. Come back, jack.
7. Party Recaps. People have been connecting me with pictures from their parties all over the desert and I’d like to share them with you.
8. The usuals. Things 2 Do Thursdays and FREE: Films, Events, Music as always. Things 2 Do Thursdays brings you the 411 on the night time music scene and the FREE: Films, Events, Music gives you the 411 on the cheapest/coolest things to do during the daytime.
Thanks for reading…. and stay tuned in! Questions, comments, suggestions? thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com