It’s June, and the weather is not that bad.
I can dig it!
Riding on this wave this week I’m going to make the blog as light and breezy as possible. Figuring, if I keep the blog cooled out our weather will stay cooled out as well.
With that being said…
I think you will like this week. Because, well, I know I will.
Although the week will be filled with tons-o’-content, there will be lots of fun art things as well.
To get in the know… check out what to expect below…
… the crystal ball never tells a lie…

1. Artic Monkeys chill in the heat? It’s a riddle that you all soon will be able to crack. Come back to riddle me this…

2. Golden Animals. Okay, so they aren’t desert born and bread… BUT I love the Golden Animals because they get the desert. Like, they really get it. They see the beauty and they use it to their artistic advantage. The desert wanderers make their way on to the blog later this week…

3. Commercial Break. I have a fun time with these youtubes. And judging from the amount of views and comments… you like them too. Right on.

4. California Soul. Okay, I’m a fan. You should be too. These guy are living that Southern California lifestyle… and I like it. They kinda all just sit around and enjoy each other’s company, good weather, song selections, musical talents, and drinks. No one else out there is doing something like this… so, it’s pretty nifty.

6. Ace Hotel this Sunday. Hey! Word on the street is that DJ Day & DJ Magneto will be playing this Sunday poolside. Soooo… you know what that means…. the CVAS blog is going to have to roll through and support. Lately everyone has been talking about how cool this Sunday poolside is. The crowd gets bigger every week, the booze snow cones come on strong, the photo booth is amazing, and the music is chill. I’ll be there doing what I love to do the most…. video, photos, chatting it up… and all that good stuff.

7. Summer Steals. Just kidding. Nobody is stealing around here. BUT, there are going to be some new features on the blog that you all should know about! All things are fun, fresh, and cool…. just what the doctor ordered.

8. The ususals. Things 2 Do Thursdays + FREE: Films, Events, Music = vital info for all who are culture curious in the Coachella Valley.

Alrighty… that’s a wrap. Come back to see if anything out of the ordinary pops up…
and email me is you have any suggestions, questions, comments… thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com