For every season that the blog goes through I like to make little additions, subtractions, and divisions. During the winter I tried to keep it warm, for spring we jumped into the future, and for fall we dipped into the Coachella Valley’s past. We are now heading into Summer, my favorite season and the season in which the blog first started (a year ago!).
This season you can look forward to the blog smelling like sunblock, sporting tan lines, and staying sexy like swimsuits. Just kidding… kinda.
Here are a few things the blog is going to be made of this summer:

A Fashion Feature!

I’m very excited about this one. A nice young lady by the name of Luisa is going to be a guest blogger for the CVAS blog. She will be blogging about the desert’s fashion. And you know us desert kids have mad stee-lo… keep an eye out for this one.

The California Kids!

I’ve already blogged a couple times about these cats… but I’m going to remind you again about them. The CVAS blog will be in conjunction with California Soul as they take on interviews with local bands, artists, and all sorts of other fun things. What I really like about the California Soul kids is their song selections… I totally get that desert vibe from them and I hope you do too. So, anyways, keep an eye for that as well.

The cliche, light bulb over head = new ideas. This summer I am embarking in all sorts of new ventures for the blog. Since it is a year anniversary on July 4th, I thought I better step my game up. I saved up money, am buying a video camera, voice recorders, and a whole bunch of other goodies. I’m out to do my own television station on this here blog. Watch out! And if there is anything else that I love more than multi-media projects…

it’s a good party.

This summer is all about parties too… whether an art party or an album release party… no matter if our weather is in double digits or not… I’ll be throwing cool little parties. So if you want to sponsor a party, if you want to play at a party, or if you have a great venue for a party… HOLLER.

Stay tuned!

And to everyone… thanks for reading…

if you think you have some good ideas that i should know about, please spill the beans…