All aaabboooaarrddd….

This weekend is sure to trip you out.
Reason being, you got all your younger siblings/family members/friends graduating this weekend.  And I can vouch for that; my little brother is graduating.  I’m already preparing myself for the tear jerking moments and saving some space for the big meal afterwards with the family.  Yum.
But just as it is yummy, it sure it heart-wrenching.  It actually makes me feel old and just a tad bit nostalgic….
But, that’s just life, ya gotta suck it up.  
SO!, the point of this story was that you shouldn’t be sad… nostalgic… or feel old… you gotta suck it up and go out, have fun.  
Lucky for you, and lucky for me, there are some cool parties to go and forget about whatever negativity in weighing you down for a night.  Relax, laugh a little and make it out to the following:
FREE foreign film screening!  Global Lens Film: Getting Home.  at the Palm Springs Art Museum!  Super cool.  Check the website,  


Innie-minnie-mine-e-mo… pick a flyer by it’s _______.  Personally, I kinda like the 2nd one better.  Just imagining those characters showing up to the show…. awesome.  Someone, anyone, who is reading this – please dress up like that: mustache + bikini.


After your impressionable little brother or sister graduates from elementary, middle, high school you should take them to this party.  

If someone has a nice car and some change in their pocket for a cruise down to Mexico, you should go to this!  Here is the info:

free art show!
showcasing the work of:
Daniel Gibson,Mike Bertino (, Ken Garduno (, Sergio Gonzalez, Adly Maldonado, Rod, Ielow and Musical Guests/Artists:Chango Rey
 & Viaje en Bici
mexicali rose community gallery
ave. colima 1436 colonia pueblo nuevo
mexchicali, baja california

THIS IS A MUST GO!  For the following reasons: #1 the CVAS blog will be there.  i will be taking video, pictures, notes, and looking to hang out with you.  let’s chill poolside together.  #2  DJ DAY!!!  #3 DJ Magneto #4 a jam session with Sol District  #5 some of the desert’s best acts are going to be there and it’s going to be fun.  there are booze snow cones, photobooths, and good music, and best of all it’s FREE and all ages.  don’t say no.  and say hi when ya see me there.  =)

thanks for reading everyone!  see ya next week! any questions, comments, concerns?