Aw yes, it’s the beginning of the week. =-)
Aw no, June gloom is soon to come to it’s doom. =-(
This week slowly transitions from overcast to over kill (in terms of weather conditions, that is). =-X
This means, it is now time to either spend your long summer days out by the pool, in the Westfield Shopping Center, or at home. Lucky for you, if you plan on chilling at home, you can count on plenty of entertainment via the Internet… supplied by yours truly, The Coachella Valley Art Scene blog.
This week on the blog is just going to end up reciprocating what the last weekend was made of – fun! For instance, I had a great time on Sunday at the Ace Hotel. My personal opinion, what’s building up at the Ace Hotel right now is what “old Palm Springs” used to be and got it’s popular name for. What do you think when you think of “old Palm Springs”? Poolside, with drinks, lovely ladies, smooth grooves on the record player, and celebrities. Right? Well, that whole scene is coming back in full effect and it’s all going down at the Ace. They got it all. Even the celebrities (do local celebrities that have the potential to be world wide celebrities in a few years count?) aspect.
After sharing time and good conversations with some of the artists, party goers, Ace hotel staff, and the promoter (shout out to One Parallel Group), I was really inspired to base this entire week off of that day alone.
So, long and behold… this week on the blog we sit poolside for the first half and then dive right on Thursday. Take a look at what’s ahead:

1. Ace Hotel Party Recap. What’s a party without a story? Come back to check the text, the pictures, and the video… Coachella Valley Art Scene style.

2. Date Farmers release a REALLY DOPE music video. I am really hype on this one. So, our local favorite artists, the Date Farmers, finally released their music video for NASA. Logan was the animation company that brought the Date Farmer’s art to life and Sizzla, Amanda Blank & Love Foxxx were the musicians that laced the track and NASA were the producers that made it all happen. And the CVAS blog is the blog that’s going to blog about it (along with like a ton others). Come

3. Munchies. What’s a party without munchies? This week I feature some cool food bloggers from the desert. Forget what you know about Sprinkles…. Palm Springs has their own cupcake man.

4. Film, Dance, Theater. Entertainment, basically. The desert sure isn’t short of it this week. keep an eye out for posts that pertain to FREE Foreign Films, theatrical performances in the low and high desert, and dance performances at the Riviera.

5. Sites to See. A bunch of young DIY business’s in the desert have been getting love all over the Internet, and on pretty acclaimed blogs and websites at that. Come back to see who’s who of the Internet hussle.

6. Clubbin’. No, no, no…. this blog is not about “hot spots” to club at in the 760. Don’t get it twisted. Recently I have been coming across some cool art clubs and organizations in the desert that I think you might be interested in. Come back to go clubbin’.

7. The usuals. Things 2 Do Thursday and FREE: Films, Events, Music. You know the deal with those…

This week looks like fun. Stay tuned for all the updates.
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Thanks for reading and have a great week!