If there is one art that I definitely do not blog enough about… and that is the art of food. Cooking, making, baking, smelling, sampling, critiquing… it has to be one of the best, and one of my favorite, art forms.
In the spirit of the blogging, I thought I’d show you guys two food blogs in the desert that I like to follow:
The first one here is Over the Rainbow Cupcakes! If you have a party coming up, wanna spoil your co-workers, family members, boss, girl/boyfriend…. you need to start here. Nothing better than sweets for the sweet.
Check this guys out, he’s pretty amazing!

The second blog that I like to follow and read every now-and-then is LOL That’s Tasty! It’s a goofy little thing, but it has a lot of character. I like how he talks about the food he eats in the desert and in LA. Because sometimes when you go out of town you have no idea where to eat – and that sucks.

Check it out:
if you have a food blog that you would like to share with me, link me up! thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com