Aaanndd we’re back!
Welcome to the Coachella Valley Art Scene show. This week is going to be a fun one on the blog. There are a lot of Coachella Vallian artists that are doing a lot of cool things at this very moment, and I can’t wait to share all the news with you. I’m all giddy… can’t you tell? hehe…
And, actually, I’m not just giddy from all the awesome news I have lined up to share with you all, but I am also all giddy inside because on July 4th it will be my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY for running the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog!!!
Congratulations to me.
And congratulations to you.
Because if all you artists didn’t keep doin’ your thang-thang then I wouldn’t have anything to blog about. And if all the readers and subscribers didn’t read and subscribe, then I would probably get very discouraged and bummed out all that boo-hoo-blah-blah. But, lucky for me, I have an awesome art community that keeps producing and progressing and a following that keeps increasing and intrigued.
So, i n a nut shell,this week looks like it’s gonna be a sentimental one. I promise I won’t cry.
One year.
1. A CVAS Blog 1 Year Recap. No wrinkles yet. That’s a good sign. Times flies when you’re having fun and passionate about what your doing. This recap is going to be awesome. So come back this week or maybe even next week.
2. Date Farmers + Shepard Fairey. Oh yeah… the guys are at it again. I recently went to Shepard Fairey’s art studio party (Studio Number One) where the Date Farmers were invited to display their art. Party Recap in the works. You’ll love it.
3. Alf Alpha makes the blogs go nuts. We all know how the music industry is right now… the blog world is manning it. Well, a Coachella Vallian, Alf Alpha just hit it big on one of the biggest and most respected music blogs out there. Word! Come back to get the low down.
4. The CVAS Blog on EastofLA. Speaking of blogs that are manning the music industry… the homies over at did a write up not only on The CVAS Blog, but on the entire art community out here. The post was a dedication to my awesome artist friend, Glez, who recently passed away. Alf Alpha made the most beautiful song in memory of Glez and it was featured with a very lovely write up and shout out.
5. Slipping Into Darkness. And speaking of Glez… there is going to be a memorial party tonight for him at J Dee’s Landing and I am going to swing on by. I will also be recording Slipping Into Darkness’s set and posting the videos on the blog next week.
6. Commercial Break. Yo, I don’t know where or how I find these videos on Youtube… they kinda just find me. It’s magic. And it’s for you guys. So come back and don’t be the last one to see it.
7. Explorations of the Desert. It’s no secret that it’s summer time. As the heat goes up in temperature, so does the hotness level of the ladies and gents. You all know what I am mean. Fellas, don’t sleep on this one.
8. Fellow businesses and bloggers. Always giving it up to my fellow DIYers that hold it down in their own scene. Come back to see whose doing what, when, where and how.
9. Randoms. I dunno… this sun is frying my brain and who knows what the outcome of that will be.

Alright, well, that’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone once again for following the blog! You guys continue to inspire me and help build up the community together. If you ever wanna share anything with me (youtubes, pictures, songs, links, questions, comments, whatevz) please do… I love hearing from you guys… email me at Thanks!