I don’t know about you, but Smash Cartel is one of the blogs that I visit when I’m on an Internet hunt for some rare goodness.  Smash always delivers the finest, most organic material.  And always fresh, I come across new people on the come up all the time on their site.  Their selection is a good as gold.

So, to get to the point of how this ties into the Coachella Valley Art Scene….. when I was browsing through my Google Reader the other day, who/what do I see?  A local desert native: Alf Alpha.  Not only do I see Alf Alpha’s Jump Wildly About Album being featured but I also read an awesome write up on the 760er (with a huge smile):

“Hailing from the California desert, Alf Alpha has cultivated his music production from the Coachella Valley’s unique art and music culture where he was born and raised. It was there that Alf Alpha developed a love for punk rock as a child, eventually pawning his drum set for a pair of turntables after appropriating hip-hop into his already broad taste in music. It is also in the desert that Alf Alpha still garners a large cult following hungry for the DJ’s latest work.”- www.smashcartel.com

Rad!  We love this!  To check out the entire feature for yourself, click on these photos to enlarge.  Here is a direct link to the article on our friend, Alf Alpha:

And once again, here are the links that are vital to your everyday nutrition:

smartcartel.com + alf alpha:  http://smashcartel.com/?p=1547