I know this week is a lot of blogging about blogging about blogging about blogging… but, that’s the business!  I don’t know about you, but I get all excited to see that the desert’s art peoples are slowly but surely getting love on a world wide level.  
So, anyways, here is another blurb I came across on the internet from a very respected and highly visited music blog, www.eastofla.com.  The name is ligit, right?  Anything east of LA is definitely a go-go.  But we already knew that.  I’m preaching to the choir, I know I know.  Haha. 
You gotta check this article out.  It’s bad ass.
Here is the direct link:
Just a few short hours east of Los Angeles you’ll reach the Coachella Valley, which may sound familiar because of the omnipresent and annual Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. To most it’s a profound cultural experience over the course of one wild weekend, but to the young resident’s of the Coachella Valley it’s an extremely innovative and progressive music & art scene all year long. It has recently spawned some of our favorite music acts such as: The Queens of the Stone AgeEagles of Death MetalD.J. DaySlipping Into Darkness & art world sensations The Date Farmers. I had the pleasure of being exposed to this scene through our friends atThe Coachella Valley Art Scene blog & our pal Alf Alpha.

However sadly the this thriving art community recently lost a friend, his name Gabriel “Glez” Gonzalez. He was a graffiti artist, screen printer, graphic designer & described simply, but fittingly, as a “great guy.” Above is a copy of one of Glez’s screen prints, like all talented artists he leaves a timeless legacy. Alf Alpha got to work on the boards and recorded this new beat in dedication to his friend.” 

– Gurpreet “Gopi” Sangha, CEO of www.eastofla.com


feel free to go show the guys some love.

RIP Gabe Gonzalez <3