The guys over at the Epidemic Skate Shop in Cat City have been living it up.  
They recently traveled to New York to do a photoshoot for their first-ever full line of Epidemic Clothing.  The photographs taken throughout the duration of this trip will be used for their lookbook.  Pretty sweet, right?

So anyways, this has been my favorite site for the the past couple weeks.  I love the concept and the simplicity of it.  You get a good sense of what went down without any mumbo jumbo….
…. and I’m really digging the new Epidemic line!  Word on the street is that this line of Epidemic Clothing will be available for the Back to School season.  Don’t sleep, kiddos.
Some of my favorite shots:

to get more pictures, text and video on the Epidemicly Later’d trip, please visit:

and to see what’s for sale, what’s good, and whose doing what: