via The California Soul Podcast
July 4, 2009.
The day had finally came.  It was a year ago today that I started the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog.  I was in pursuit, with my partner in crime, Alf Alpha, up to the California Soul kid’s house.  Their studio is in the Morongo Canyons.  A place that I am all too familiar with, for reasons that I rather not share with the internet world.  Anyways, we were in pursuit up to the California Soul studio to record a live … I guess you could say “interview”… but I really like to think of it more as a live conversation.  I was pretty nervous.  My stomache was feeling all weird the whole drive up there.
We pull up to the house….

We get to the house and chill for a bit.  There are some other desert kids over.  Couple skaters, couple ladies, couple photographers, couple drunks, couple stoners.  All was good.  The vibes were perfect.  There we were, all out in the middle of the desert.  Just hanging out together. A lot of us didn’t really know each other, but we all somehow mutaully knew the California Kids, so it was chill.
As the California Kids played a round of extreme golf out in the desert, Alf Alpha and I wandered around the property a bit.  It’s pretty rad.
After everyone got done playing golf and wandering around, we all met back in the studio/house to record the California Soul podcast….

…. click HERE to listen to the podcast.  or just click the photo below.
Wasn’t too shabby, right??

The sun was setting behind the mountains.  The colors in the sky, the shadows on the hill… all too beautiful for me to even explain.  The California Soul kids had an appointment to do a photoshoot so we all headed out…
way out…
like way, way, out…
How awesome is Mary’s camera?
How weird is this photo??  hehehe….
Back to business….
It was getting a tad bit dark so I said my goodbyes and thank yous to the California Kids.  I promised my mom I would go watch the fireworks show with her at College of the Desert.

Thank you to the California Kids of the California Soul podcast who took the time to interview me!!  I had a good time.  I’m a bit shy, but I think I played it off pretty good.  And it’s all because you guys know how to make one feel comfortable.

To hear the interview, click California Soul’s picture: