We all have a little mischievousness in us.  Right?  

For instance, we can probably agree that we have a little “Hamburglar” in each of us, deep down inside.  I mean, the dude was never a bad guy, so-to-speak, he was just hungry.
The Hamburglar loves the Coachella Valley Art Scene because he loves people that are just as hungry as he is.  And he likes people that stay hungry.
This would be his reason for loving artists and art.  Artists are always hungry and always searching for new ways to get their hands on the prize.  Hamburglar is always imagining everything he touches will turn into a hamburger, similar to the way an artists takes what she/he sees and magically turns it into a piece of art.
And when it comes to people who might not do the art, or make the burgers, they are just as hungry for them regardless.  Everyone likes to fill their tummies.  
Whether you’re hungry for burgers, beer or art… it’s all good.  This weekend has a decent menu for you.  So, go out and support the scene.  The more you support it, the hungrier you will stay, and the more fulfilled you will leave each venue.
And keep an eye out for a *specialty item menu coming up in the first week of August….
can someone say a Date Farmer Art Studio party is being cooked up as I type this.  All the ingredients are being thrown in bowl right now… come back next week for more info.

Snatch the following up:

Grasses + Bacardi Mojito???  Hmmm….. okay!
You all know Rivel, right?  He is one of my favorite musicians/producers from the desert.  He is having an Album Release party at the Airliner in LA tonight!  If you’re down – you’ll be there.  

Soul Opus in the hhoouuusseee.  Featuring: Will Da Hamburglar.  Just kidding, Will Da Beast.  but he might steal your hamburgers, you never know.  
Oh come on, when was the last time that you really saw a good film.  And no, Year One + the Ugly Truth do not count.  See the real deal this Saturday.  And see it with a group that shall be sipping on all organic, local, freshly squeezed juices + mixes drinks.  Dip your toes in the pool and call it a night.  No better way to spend a Saturday night if you ask me.  
For the scenic type, those who like to be in beautiful atmospheres, then Dinks is the place for you.  Couple local DJs are on the ones and twos.  Ch ch ch check it out!


Local DJ, and photographer, Pacman will be spinning at the Riviera!
Omg yer going 2 totes LMYAO when u c this! Its goingz 2 b so kewl.  OMG! BRB!  TTYL!
Ok, the flyer is outta date, I know.  But don’t you be outta date, an old granny, a loser and not go.  This event is so 2009 all the time , and I’m so “2000 and late“.  jk. kinda.  Anyways, if youre a cool cat then I will see you there.  Or be square.

Thanks for spending another week with the CVAS blog!!!
don’t see your flier up???  ———> thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com