To start this Monday morning off right, I am not going to go on and on with my gibber-gabber. Instead, while I have your undivided attention, I would rather use this valuable time to inspire you with a quote that I found absolutely beautiful.  I figure this is the best way to start anyone’s week off.  I found this quote in my Gmail’s Inbox, in a message from the Palm Springs Art Museum.  The quote is provided by Julius Shulman, who recently passed.  He was a powerful photographer who shared his love and admiration of the desert with millions. 

“In my observation, Palm Springs is one of the great spaces in this country. Its environment, from the floor of the vast desert to snow-clad mountain peaks, displays a uniqueness of “close-at-hand” natural phenomena. Admist those canyons, mountains, sand dunes and countless golf courses, architects have created a volume of homes oriented toward a relationship with nature not found in many areas of the world.” – Julius Shulman

Beautiful, right?
The desert’s beauty lives!:

1.  INTERVIEW:  Sal of Fool’s Gold & Foreign Born.  Yes!  the interviews are back and in full effect.  I promised myself I would bring back interviews with artists that I admire and I’m sticking to it!  To start the second year of the CVAS blog off with a bang I am interviewing a fellow Coachella Vallian and friend, Sal.  Sal is in the amazing, and upcoming, band Fool’s Gold.  He also has a side project out right now that is picking up just as much momentum as the last project, Foreign Born.  So amazing, please don’t miss out on this one.

2.  DJ Day in Europe.  So, I was snooping around on the internet and came across the most impressive photos of Day playing to a huge crowd in Europe somewhere!  Word up day!  The CVAS is way hype and we are sharing our hypeness with everyone this week by sharing the photos of this super successful tour DJ Day is on.  

3.  Jared Huss.  Okay, okay, so he’s kinda one of my favorite skaters from the desert.  He has a new skate video out and it’s super awesome.  Plus, there are a ton of new things going on with Epidemic that I can’t wait to tell you about.

4.  Too Hot?!?  120 degree weather + sand storms = not cool.  It also equals, “I wanna get outta town.”  But, that equals, “I don’t have enough money for gas to leave.”  This week, for my green idea of the week, I will give you some ways to get outta town on a tight budget.  You might like this.  especially all you out there who don’t have your own whip.

5.  The Palm Springs Art Museum.  Man, they got a bunch of cool stuff going on this week.  And no, their A/C unit is not one of them.  Although, it is a plus!  The museum has cool films, lecture and new items in their gift store that I think are pretty chill.  If I do say so myself….

6.  Explorations of the Desert.  This just might be the most sophisticated one yet.  You’ll love it.

7.  California Soul.  These kids…… man, these guys’s latest show takes place in Palm Desert at a drinking beer festival.  That’s pretty much all I got to say about that.

8.  Mini-mixes.  One of the DJ’s in the desert is putting out techno mini-mixes.  Who might this be?  Come back to see who and to get the mix for free.

9.  Randoms + Commercial Break.  Oh you know how this goes…. any way I feel like it.

10.  Things 2 Do Thursdays.  Where the party at???  There are a bunch of good ones this week!  Holla!!  Come back to check them all out.  Some are in town, and some are out.  

Thanks for reading and make sure to come back soon!