<------  Remember a couple posts back I posted this flyer?  
It’s DJ Day’s European Tour schedule.
Well, I have been following his blog (likeathrottle.blogspot.com) and have some follow up photos as to how he is doing out there.
Looks like the Coachella Valley native is doing pretty good out there.  Adapted quite nicely!  And I am sure he is enjoying the weather!
Word up Day!  We’re glad to see a desert DJ go so far.
Here is a quote from the man himself while on tour:
What’s good people! The tour has been moving at lightspeed. We’ve hit Paris, Madrid, Copenhagen, Berlin and Vienna so far and still have a week to go. We have a couple days off in Cologne (steady internet and a washing machine FTW) so I figured I’d post a few highlights of the trip so far.” – likeathrottle.blogspot.com
(check out that crowd!)

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