Welcome back!

Back to life…
…back to reality.

Ahhhh… Mundays.
They are just so fun, and so inspiring.
Every week is a clean slate, and Mondays can set the pace and schedule.
Pick your poison.
Then ink in the plans in your Daily Planner.

Here is what is written in pen in the CVAS blog’s Daily Planner for the week of July 27th – August 2nd:

1. INTERVIEW: Brian Evans. So, if you know me, you know I am down for photographers. Photography is one of my favorite forms of art. This week I am proud to introduce you guys to the Epidemic Skate Team’s photographer, Brain. Epidemic has a lot in the works, and it’s up to you to stay in the loop, or in the picture….

2. California Soul: Interviews Something Vague. Someone interviews someone. And they talk about something. And that someone plays a live set. And it’s everything but vague.

3. Public Transit. Yes, we have it. And yes, you need to use it. And yes, it’s pretty reasonably priced. And yes, this week I promise to feature it. Vrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooomm…

4. Palm Springs Art Museum. They got a bunch of stuff coming up that is pretty awesome. If you are down for art, then come back, Jack.

5. Imperial Valley. Our brother from another mother. I have a short documentary on what our brother’s are up to. It’s a documentary on the younger art kids of the IV. You will like this.

6. Commercial Break. Someone didn’t pay their telephone bill over at the CVAS Blog and we weren’t able to post some commercials last week. But, that’s last week. This week we paid all of our dues and we will be bringing back the commercials.

7. Explorations of the Desert. Back and in full effect! One of my favorite features is coming on strong once again. =)

8. Things 2 Do Thursday. Where the Bacardi at? I don’t know. But, the CVAS Blog can tell you were the art is at. Art shows, local shows….. we got you. And Thursday is the day to be in the know.

9. Randoms. You just never know what will come up. Whatever it is, we promise you will like it though.

Thanks for tuning into the blog! If you ever wanna share anything with us, please do! Always open for new ideas and suggestions…. that’s how we grow.