We love L.A., we really do.

But what we don’t love about LA is that you can’t see the moon and stars at night. The city lights and smog just can’t provide clear skies.

The Coachella Valley, on the other hand, is home to the most beautiful night sky. For as long as the eye can see, stretching all the way out, all the way up, and all corners neatly tucked behind the mountains is midnight skyline that LA will never be able to witness. Any given night you can wish upon a shooting star, confess to the the man in the moon, point out planet constellations, or turn off your GPS and just let the north star guide you home…
The lover in me finds it quite romantic. The dreamer in me appreciates the lack of limitations. And the artist in me finds it inspirational.
These desert night skies are definitely something to be proud of. Especially during these last epic “Summer of 2009” nights.
If you didn’t think you had a reason to celebrate this weekend, you were wrong. If you’re not celebrating life on earth, celebrate extraterrestrial life on planet Mars. If youre not celebrating at one of your musician friends live shows, celebrate at a friend’s friend’s live show that you never thought you’d go to.

Here where your friends and your friend’s friends are playing this weekend:


Word on the world wide web is that Shakers is the new spot? Smart folks. Give and you shall receive! Revol Concept. As P. Diddy would say on Twitter, “Lets GO!”
Some people felt poopy about Sol (not SOUL) District’s $10 show last weekend at J Dee’s. It is a recession, so it is understandable. So, to redeem themselves from leaving burn holes in your pockets, the guys are doing a free show at Shakers. Don’t forget to buy some merch so these guys can buy a van. Support, support, support.
Hey now!! This is a public service announcement that electro duo, Mustache Ride, will be on 92.7 at 9:00pm-10:00pm this Saturday. On your way to the party, make sure to bump it super duper extra hard core loud in your stereo, yo.
Art party at M Modern gallery in Palm Springs. Opening Recepetion. Do I smell cheap wine and cheese? Holla. Party gets crackin’ at 8pm. All your black rimmed art students better be there.
You know, I know, she knows, he knows, we all know that these parties are the BUSINESS right now. These parties have kept us sane all summer long. And the momentum has not faded away, in fact, it just keeps getting better. You really can beat, world class lineups, free entrance, everyone in bathing suites, fresh mixed drinks, and photobooths. Just…. just… just go.
Hey, Stephanie is going away. And you’re gonna be on her sh*it list if you don’t show up to her party. Don’t worry, all you gotta do is bring cigs, money, grass, or gas to get in.
Which flier do you like best? Personally, I like the second one. But, maybe that is because I like all things cinematic. My life being one of them. Anyways, look at the line-up! This line-up is pretty amazing. I love Daily Dares because his line-ups are very daring (hence the name). He is dropping knowledge by bringing in a music sub-culture that surely needs to be appreciated and tended to. He knows what he’s doing. Right on.

Thank you for spending another week with The Coachella Valley Art Scene!
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