Welcome back.

Back to life, back to reality.
Back from the 2 day vacation.
And back in the office.

Dipping a bit into the past before we blast into the future… there was no denying that last week was a good one. We stayed busy here in the CVAS office with tons of things to update the blog with. We are proud to say that even though the temperatures are still lingering in the triple digits, people of the 760 are keeping busy. The weather isn’t fazing our art community. This can only mean that come Fall, the art scene is going to be poppin’! We are excited and hope you are too.
This week on the blog doesn’t skimp out on fun, either. In fact, it’s jam packed with artistic endeavors from one side of the valley to the other.
Nothing weak about this week:

1. Shady Lane Mural. Coachella, CA is home to the second largest mural wall in the nation. It is 1,000 foot long and is located on Shady Lane Dr across from the Dateland Park. They are currently seeking artists to help paint the mural. 10 artists will be awarded a 8′ H x 100′ W space, $3,000 pay and $2,000 material compensation. If you are a serious artist and are interested in getting more details about this project, come to the meeting this Wednesday! The meeting is being held at Dateland Park in Coachella from 6pm-7pm. The CVAS + the Date Farmers will definitely be there. Whose down for a skate sesh after???

2. Free Downloads. Sorry that last week our Internet bill didn’t get paid and they cut us short. We didn’t get a chance to post some music that has been submitted to the CVAS. We have 3 mixes, some from your local DJs, some from your local hip hop star, and some from your local indie rocker. A must for all indie desert music lovers.

3. INTERVIEW: The Low Life Fam. California Soul gets a moment to get down with Nolan, Defcon, DJ Lump Sum, Ryno, PGC and the Low Life Fam. The guys talk about their latest solo projects, the Low Fam Ent Sampler, and Nolan performs live. A little sneak peak and the flossy and bossy hip hop kids of the desert.

4. Explorations of the Desert. I’ve been exploring a lot lately in the desert and I wanna share my experiences with you all… Plus, I wanna encourage all photographers or journalists to get back into the swing of submitting your personal explorations of the desert as well. For more info on how to submit to work: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com

5. Palm Springs Art Museum. The museum has a bunch of cool things going on this week. Free films, art studios, new exhibitions… yatta yatta… ya know the deal…. come back to see what’s up and what’s cool at the museum.

6. 5000 Photography Party Recap. I subscribe to Johnny’s blog, www.fivethousandphotography.blogspot.com, do you? Johnny just posted some photos from a party that recently went down at J Dee’s and it looked so awesome that I thought I should share it with the rest of you. So… come back to see all the fun you missed out on.

7. The Future of Fun. Speaking of missing out on fun… here on the CVAS blog, we try to avoid that. We never want you to miss the fun, we want you to be apart of it. So, with that being said, we are going to highlight some shows that we are really looking forward to in the near future. Best shows in the valley, if you ask us. See who, what, where, when, and why later this week…

8. Home Grown. Due to that nasty Internet bill (by the way, anyone interested in donating to the blog??? we broke), we didn’t get a chance to post our super yummy feature on local farmers and food resources in the desert. For all the organically cautious kids who get the munchies… this is the post for you. Ciao… or should i say… chow. jk.

9. Commercial Break. What would a program be without a commercial break. Lucky for you, we are a program who does this for love, not dough, so our commercial breaks come in the form of youtubes and are only about the …. hmmm… take a guess…. Coachella Valley’s art scene.

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Never a dull moment, never a forgotten Thursday. We try to keep it as consistent as possible with this one! Lots of parties this weekend. Lots of birthday parties, might I add. Man, those Leos sure do know how to party.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading the blog! We love the support and kind words. If you would be interested in contributing to the Coachella Valley Art Scene, please write us an email and let us know your ideas. Creativity, positivity, and originality strongly encouraged.
Thanks again everyone. Email: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com