This past weekend all I could think about was this week. My physical self was in the desert, but my mental self was floating amongst the clouds, thinking of all the cool things that I am excited to share with you.

Expect nothing but top notch music and art.
Amazing clips of documentaries on the desert.
An education on how rad the Coachella Valley is.
It’s weeks like this on the site that make me love the desert even more.
Yeah, it’s gonna be one of those weeks. Those kinda braggy ones.
But enough about that, here is the list of topics that you can expect to see this week on the blog. The real deal:

1. Desert Documentaries. Lately, all I have been searching for is documentaries on the desert. Finally, after digging long and hard, I bring to you… Lo Sound Desert. This is by far the coolest thing I have found as of yet. You GOTTA come back around Wednesday or Thursday to watch the documentary. You will never look at the desert the same.

2. Ace Hotel this Friday. Be there or be square. That’s the bottom line. My two favorite music producers/DJs in the entire Coachella Valley, DJ Day and DJ Alf Alpha, will be sharing the stage with one of my favorite hip hop labels of all time, Stones Throw. And, might I add, my favorite artists from my favorite label will be headlining: Peanut Butter Wolf, Gary Wilson and James Pants (Dam Funk was supposed to be on the lineup, but that guy is touring the wold right now and can’t make it). Can you sense my enthusiasm here?!? Please, buy your ticket this week to avoid getting charged more at the door.

3. Date Farmers. Next week the Coachella Valley Art Scene will be traveling up to San Francisco to document the Date Farmers solo show at Upper Playground. For some sneak peak, 760-ers only, action… I have decided to release just a few of my favorite new pieces from the guys. Keep an eye out.

4. Sounds of Desert. Instead of saying… “FREE: Music Downloads”, I’m going to say “Sounds of the Desert.” The emphasis shouldn’t be on on FREE, it should be on the fact that the music is coming from desert musicians. So, with that being said… this week I am going to be hooking up your iPods with the freshest Sounds of the Desert.

5. Commercial Break. Oh man… the CVAS commercials are gonna be good this week. That’s all I gotta say.

6. Green Jobs. Look around, the desert is pretty eco-friendly. I mean, of course, we have some things that we need to work on… but doesn’t every community? This week I share with you ways in which you can educate yourself and make the steps to obtaining a green job in the desert. You’d be surprised as to what the Coachella Valley has to offer you….

7. Things 2 Do Thursdays. In addition to me being all excited about the Ace Hotel show on Friday, I’m kinda excited about all the other events going on this weekend as well. make sure to come back on Thursday to see which local favorite musician of yours is playing and where.

8. Randoms. I always like to leave a couple surprises for you… you never know…

Thank you for spending another week with us on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!
We are always interested in new ideas.
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