I’m really excited to share with you guys my latest Internet find.
This documentary looks amazing, and these teasers, are truly teasing me.
So, enjoy yourself… check these youtubes out. Learn something new. And know that the desert has some of the best rock. I mean come on… we’re home to stoner rock, that’s pretty awesome if you ask me.
Oh… and before I forget, another interesting fact! For all those who follow the CVAS blog… remember when I blogged about an art show that the Date Farmers recently showed work at, “Desert Sexy,” in Culver City? Click here
I love when documentaries like this happen too.
“LOW SOUND DESERT is a documentary about the californian desert rock scene: an abstract, intimate view into the scene’s past and progress, based on images of the surroundings and explainations of some of the ‘main protagonists’, the musicians themselves: interviews with alfredo hernandez (across the river, kyuss, queens of the stone age, yawning man), arthur seay (unida, house of broken promises), mike cancino (unida, house of broken promises) and damon garrison (sloburn). LOW SOUND DESERT is in the late production phase.”www.myspace.com/losounddesert


for information can be found at: