Cough. Cough.

Gasp. Gasp.
Yuck. Yuck.
Okay okay… so the desert’s air quality isn’t the prettiest we have ever seen. All these LA fires seem to really be taking a toll on everyone. The air is an eerie color… the smell is an uncomforting one… and often times your eyes just start stinging.
Not fun. What is fun is that this week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene we will be celebrating and recapping the lovely weekend of this past weekend. We might even take a trip up to SF with the Date Farmers for their opening reception at the Upper Playground Headquarters. Details on whether we will be traveling up there are currently pending. Too much fun from this past weekend left our pockets empty of ca$h and full of lint. If you would like to donate, please, email me! Well, I tried…
N E ways.
Tick. Tock.
The week moves on.
Here on the CVAS blog this week keep an eye out for…..

1. The Peanut Butter Party Recap. Not sure if the official title of the party was “The Peanut Butter Party”, but I think it’s actually quite fitting. It was fun, yet sticky. Sweet, yet roastie. Fun, and nutritious! All ingredients (attendees), were all organic. It was everything you wish a Peanut Butter Party at Ace Hotel would be.

2. Date Farmers & The CVAS Blog travel up to SF. Technically, I should end that sentence with a question mark because we are not sure if the CVAS have the funds to do so just yet. If we do, then this week on the CVAS will be fully dedicated to the trip up north with the guys from the south. The Date Farmers will be showing their latest works at the Upper Playground store in SF on Thursday night. The guys are rumored to do some paper mache sculptures. Hhhmmm….. we like.

3. Sounds of the Desert. Local bands have been really good about submitting some downloadable music for everyone out there to check out and enjoy. This week doesn’t fail us on that either.

4. Back 2 Skool. We all started last week. Whoop whoop. Okay, to get back in the swing of thing sI have a few ideas, tricks, and trades to offer to get you back on track. Come back for this one.

5. Explorations of the Desert. Ah ha! A photographer took a little trip up to a lovely area neighboring the Coachella Valley… Joshua Tree.

6. Burning Man. Yeah.

7. Commercial Break. These seem to be getting better and better. Every week I find better commercials on youtube and vimeo. Maybe more so on vimeo than youtube… but nonetheless they’re good.

8. Randoms. This week will be full of them. Hang on tight and be ready for the unexpected on the blog.

9. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Ya know how we do it! Every Thursday on the CVAS posts all the local organized and open to the public parties going on around town. These ain’t your average house party, these are culture creators.

Thanks for spending another week on the blog. We have a lot of plannings and research under our belts right now. Be on the look out for fun cool things around town. If you wanna see something in the desert….. let us know…. write us!