So, as it turns out… the Date Farmers hooked it up.
Here I am on Fillmore St in San Francisco, blogging, while the Date Farmers and Alf Alpha are busy finishing up the last minute touches to their opening tonight at the Fifty24SF Gallery.
Rumor has it that the show is already sold out, even though it hasn’t even began. People out here are on it. Maybe it’s due to all the good food in SF. It makes people think clearer and puts them in better moods. At least, that’s what all this food out here does to me.
Anyways, more importantly, tonight is the night!
The Coachella Valley is going to represent. Ya know… show everyone how we do it…what we’re made of.
Oh… and check out this article I found on the internet that the San Francisco Examiner wrote up about the Date Farmers!
I’m telling you…. the food.