Virtual reality.

Virtual insanity.

This weekend’s line up is short, but sweet.
Not a lot of party fliers to toss around, but the ones we do got are virtually solid.

Friday night gives you an opportunity to meet all your internet bands in person. Saturday offers you a reggae / dance hall party or a punk party.
You pick your poison.

Reality is, that although I’m in SF right now, I’ll be there with you virtually.
Insanity is, that even though I’m just virtual, I’m real.

Okay, enough computer program talk.
Back to the program.

Peace be with you:


outta sight, but never outta mind…

thanks for reading!! we will see you on Friday and saturday, as I will be catching up with loss blogging time. in the meantime, if you dont see your party posted, then please leave a blog comment below for everyone else to see! thanks!! sorry, i’m in a total rush cuz i gotta go film the date farmers right now! hope you understand. 😉 see ya later!

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