aaaannnnddd… we’re back!
Coming to you live and direct this week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene we will be picking up where we left off last week, right before we headed up to San Francisco on an unexpected (but highly anticipated) trip with the Date Farmers to film and document their opening at the Fifty24SF Gallery.
This week expect to find lots of recaps, from the The Peanut Butter Butter Party and the Date Farmers x Fifty24SF.
The music and art scene in the desert is starting to bust out of their seams. We have so much content that we might just have to extend it out for a couple weeks. Looks like those long summer days gave everyone a chance to stay indoors and make amazing music. We love it and thank you for sending us all your content!
We are expecting this will take a couple hours (starting from 1:00pm on Tuesday) to get all footage edited and uploaded for your viewing pleasures. This is a two-man-machine project, we do what we can as fast as we can. So stay put and we will let you know as soon as we get back to the program…
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