Things 2 Do Thursday, on a Friday.

We are just full of surprises… aren’t we?!
Anyways, regardless of what day it is.. this is a good weekend to par-tay. Rumor on the desert weather blogs is that Sunday should only reach 90 degrees! Hey now… if that isn’t something to celebrate, then I don’t know what is.
With fall on the horizon, I am at ease. I dread summer. And it’s not just the temperatures that I hate, it even goes as deep as the fashion. Summer fashion – bbllaaahhh. I am a self-proclaimed “desert rat” through and through but if there is one article of clothing that I love wearing it’s an old sweater from a thrift store. Nothing is better than that sweater you find at Revivals or Angel View. Fits like a glove! And it always leads to a bragging session when I’m outta town talk ing to some non-desert people… “I like your sweater.” “Thanks, I got it at a Thrift Store in the desert for like $5. We are home to the best Thrift Stores. All the East coasters and Canadians come here and dump their winter wardrobes off on us when they move out here.” I can then see the non-desert person I’m chatting with eyeball my sweater, they notice it’s in impeccable condition, and that’s when I see their eyes turn green with envy.
So, okay, okay… maybe I’m getting a little too excited… talking about the joy of wearing sweaters just because I heard it’s going to be around 90 degrees this Sunday. But… you know you’re thinking about it too.
Well, the point of all this is (beside from a little bragging) is that this weekend’s parties have that same charm as those good finds and those sweaters in the thrift stores. Good, cheap thrills. And quite possibly something worth bragging about later on down the line.
Finders keepers, loosers weepers:

(dont forget, DJ Day will be spinning at Ace Hotel on Sunday afternoon)
Thanks for spending another week with us at the Coachella Valley Art Scene!
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