hitchhikers guide to nowhere

by edwardo valadez

The mornings are filled with many sounds, smells, and people who are waiting for god knows what and god knows who.

I see them everyday. They are all different,

But in many ways the same

However, the observer in me cannot remain.
There dwells intent within these frames,
And I ask myself, how am I to grow through these days?
Days that are quickly blown away with the winds, like nomadic boats adrift in the cosmic ocean.

I pack my dirty hitchers sack and prepare for my departure.
The only waiting to do is at the bus stop: Destination Anywhere

To my surprise the wait is short,
But the intrusive ticks and tocks of travelers’ watches,
Are enough to drive me crazy.
In a way the sounds remind me of what I hate.
And what I love about the world

The infinite speed of time
The uncontrollable rhythm of people
And our ability to judge
Sincerely the hitchhiker
Reflecting on shadows gone by

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