In – e – min – e – mine – e – mo.
Pick a show, by who you know.
If your fiends holler, make sure to go.
My mom told me to pick the very best one and you are IT..
Laugh now… but this the the game that you are going to be playing this weekend.
But it’s not a game, it’s real life!
And these shows are going to be all the way live.
That’s just the way us desert kids get down.
And if you didn’t know…
Now you know…
Get with it or get left out.
Live it up or stay down and out.

The dealio:

To all the sk8rz and sk8r h8trz, don’t forget:
Peep the interview below this post to read more about the art, the artists, and the conspiracies. Show is at the Red Arrow Gallery in Joshua Tree, 7pm
Where are the desert’s Living Legend’s fans at? Scarub is in the house this weekend. Go out and support your local hip hop all stars too.
Happy Birthday Bryan Goonie, this one is for you. Shall I say this post is entirely dedicated to you and your birthday? I shall. This party is gonna get outta control. I already know it.
Baby are you a bad fish too? If you are, then swim your tail on over to this show for chill vibes and rhythms.
These stronghold lineups are no joke. We got people coming all the way from Bay. So show them some love. Bay area has a piece of my heart, for reals.
Pick a flier. just a flier, any flier. Either one of these fliers that you pick will lead you down a road of musical and liver destruction. This is gonna be a banger. And there should be some art there. You just never know. Take a listen to the Los Mumblers interview with California Soul below, btw.
And for all you people that really know what’s good for you, you’ll probably be heading out to Borrego Mi Diego. All the cool kids go there. I read in OK! Magazine that the guys from Hamburger Eyes are gonna go.
And for all you other people, who don’t wanna wonder to the east, wonder over the the west. Manimal is going to be everything you think it’s going to be, and then some. Ad a couple of this, a splash of that, and whhaaalllaaaa!

We luv it! Dub is taking over southern California like an epidemic, and it sure isn’t shy of the desert. Don’t take that flue shot, and experience the dub in the way you’re supposed to.
thanks for spending another week with us! we appreciate all the support!
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