That Full Moon was beautiful this past weekend, wasn’t it?

The full moon gave us enough energy to engage ourselves in a full schedule this week in art world of the Coachella Valley.
All week and weekend long there are artistic adventures to get yourself lost in around the desert. Make sure to stay tuned as we will be giving you a little rundown of each weekend rondezvous.
Okay, now… here comes the biggest news. You’re gonna have to sit down for this bit of information:
Everything is FREE! Yes, that’s right… free.
Community art is it’s purest form.
We love it.
We also gotta get this show on the road, there is a ton of stuff to blog about this week!

1. Art Under the Umbrellas. I had to. No, but really, this is a good art festival going on for free in Old Town La Quinta. Open to everyone.

2. Palm Springs Art Museum. Okay, okay so last week I had the dates all mixed up. That’s what happens to excited bloggers… we get too excited and words start becoming numbers and numbers slowly start becoming words… and yeah. So! Here is the real deal: The Palm Springs Art Museum is FREE THIS SUNDAY.

3. Old Indio = New Indio. Old is the new New. And Indio is the new art mecca. If you don’t agree with me now, then just wait a year or two. You’re local blogger knows best. I got the inside scoop! This Saturday is an unveiling of what is to come in Old Town Indio in these next upcoming months… for all artists, this will be quite exciting!

4. Desert Garden Community Day. We all have them, some are more grassy, some are more dirty… but we all can aim to make them more deserty. And yes, deserty is a word.

5. Galleristas. What would a gallery be with out a gallerista? What would a coffee shop be with out a barista? The two have more in common then you know. Come back on the blog to see what the local galleristas will be sipping on this weekend.

6. DJ Day at the El Rey. That’s what’s up! The DJ Day who keeps the drinks a pourin’ and feet a movin’ every Sunday at the Ace Hotel will be DJing with Jeremy Sole and together they will be opening up for Breakestra. Sweet gig. Props.

7. Artist Spotlight: Gripps (via Daily Dares blog). Daily dares is home to a blog that documents what’s going on all throughout Southern California, it’s a big section of the State to cover, but Daily Dares does it pretty nicely. If you ever wanna know something about indie music from Southern California… he is the man. So, when Daily Dares spotlights an artist, I always make sure to look.

8. Party Update. Keeping you in the loop about the December 19th show that the Coachella Valley Art Scene and the Coachella Valley Art Scene will be throwing together. It’s gonna be a banger and I’d like to keep you in loop. Set the date, and tell the whole family to come. It will be a good ice breaker.

9. Commercial Break. News clips are so funny! I am gonna attempt to dig up old Coachella Valley newsclips this week. Wish me luck. Rubbing my Youtube Rabbit Tail right now…

10. Girls Who Rock. We all know that girls rock… ddduuuhhh. Now we just gotta show you girls around the desert who rock. This Friday there is going to be a somewhat of a Girl Talent Showcase at J Dee’s. Boys – make sure to take a shower and splash some cologne on for this one.

11. We Need a Boat. Hey everyone, the CVAS blog needs to find an abandoned (or just not loved anymore) boat that has lots of character. This does not need to work. We would prefer that it doesn’t even work and that you just wanna get rid of it. Have you seen something in the desert? In your backyard? On craigslist? We will come and pick it up!!!!! More details released later this week.

12. Randoms. The internet is crazy. Who knows what will be brought to my attention this week. Stay tuned, we move fast over here.

13. Things 2 Do Thursdays. So many things to do, in sooooo little time. Over here in the Coachella Valley Art Scene office, we’re tapping our fingers, waiting for a robot machine thing to be created, allowing us to be two places at one time. We could really use that, especially for weekends like this.

Thanks for hanging out with us! We are enjoying ourselves! And we love all this support.
Much peace, love and happiness!
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