Just an FYI…
This Saturday, from 10am-4:00pm
there is a free community art event in Downtown/Old Indio.
This is like an unveiling party… and unveiling to the art mecca (note: not related to Mecca the city) that is soon to sprout. There will be art, community organizers, the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance ….. and… yours truly… The Coachella Valley Art Scene!
So come on down if you wanna talk to me about setting up shows, setting up movie screenings, doing documentaries, podcasts, workshops, etc etc etc…
I will be there with an open ear to all who want to share!

We will be located on the other side of this mural… in that area… it’s a block party, so you can’t miss it.
Food is involved.
Smurr street.
See you there.