Do you like this picture, the one here to the left?

I pulled it from my personal collection. I felt it was appropriate for the moment. Considering… well, considering that NASA is bombing the moon and our President just won the Nobel Peace Prize. I know there is a lot of criticism over Obama winning the prize, and this by no means a political blog, but I think Obama won the prize because symbolically he represents the American people. I think this past year we have significant progress in coming together as a whole, making moves to better our future, and giving peace a chance.
I would also have to say… that I think the Coachella Valley has done the same. We all survived the summer, we stuck it out, we pulled together by means of supporting each other artistically and we are starting to really give peace a chance as well. And for doing such a great job… we are rewarded with beautiful weather, and amazing art shows. That’s almost better than a Nobel Peace Prize, if you ask me. Okay, okay.. maybe I’m being a little dramatic… but you see where I’m going with this!
Let’s celebrate! Our generation is epic. Our grandkids are gonna think we’re nuts for surviving all this. Mine as well live it up, right?
This weekend gives you many opportunities to have stories to tell your grandkids about:

Where my ladies at!!!! I’m all about Girl Power. And I’m all about this show. Show ’em what’s up ladies!
Pedestrians Vs. War Party is a damn good band from the desert. If you didn’t already know about them, then get on it. And the Tack Room Tavern… what isn’t to love?
Oh man… these shows at J Dee’s just keep getting more and more ridiculously good. It’s gonna be wild.
joshua tree music fest day 1.
DHS! Where you at. This party is gonna be bad ass.
Feel like going out of town? Head to Riverside.
not hating on this event. $350 gets you far.
day 2 of joshua treeness.
Party at the ho-tel, mo-tel, hol-i-day inn…. DJ Day on the two turntables….. and you know this!
Then… while youre at the Ace, make sure to hit up the AFTERPARTY… held by Epidemic! Check it out. The CVAS Blog will definitely be in the house!
and if all else fails…. kick it with the old school homies at a house party
(i found this photo on the internet, thought it was cool. photo via DJ Odysey)

thank you for spending another week with us here over the Coachella Valley Art Scene!

thank you for all the support. and we hope to see you around this weekend.
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