Did you miss me?
I know… I know… I have been M.I.A. for a minute…
but have no fear… your loyal blogger is here.
I haven’t missed a week of blogging for almost two years now, and I don’t plan on disappearing from the world wide web anytime soon.
Just so you know… sometimes life and “technical difficulties” get in the way…
So, let move on.
And quickly.
Because we only have 4 more days of the week left, and I try to take weekends off from the computer, so that really only leaves up with two days for blogging! Yikes!

1. Snap Back into the Recap. So many parties, so many pictures, so little time. Make sure to see what you have been missing out on (or see if you are in the photos/videos) around the Coachella Valley. Some photos are fun-knee! All are rated PG-13 though, don’t worry. And if you need me to take off the one of you with your tongue and other things hanging out, just email me.

2. SORRY. Not the game, the skate video…. dduuuuuuuh. Pictures, places, and things coming to a local community art blog near you.

3. One Parallel Group get 120. Say wwwhhhhaaattt?!?! We hear at the Coachella Valley Headquarters are very proud to announce that the One Parallel Group (think hip hop shows, think ace hotel, think Aesthetic Arrest) will be opening up their own bar! In downtown Palm Springs. Congratulations you guys! Mas informacion in just a minute.

4. DJ Day x Jeremy Sole x KCRW. KCRW has definitely been a huge influence of the music scene out here in the Coachella Valley. How lucky are we to be able to have KCRW streamed all the way out to the desert…. 2 hours away from LA. And, now how lucky are we to have one of our very own DJs from the desert on KCRW. Jeremy Sole invites DJ Day into his studio to talk about his new music… just being cool in general. We gots the link and will hook you up.

5. California Soul. I love a good podcast. But, if you are a more of an interactive, visual kinda person, California Soul serves up a nice treat with a 2 and half minute video live from their studio in the Deep Canyon. Come see what these weirdos look like.

6. Phish Phest Phun Phacts. Sooooo… one of the reasons why I have been M.I.A. is because I’m working on this Phish Phest. You gotta come back to get all the coooooool details though…. I’m not spilling the bean in the Weekly Forecast.

7. Open Mic Night = 300 People. I just got a text from Eduardo Valadez and he told me that there was about 300 people that showed up to his Open Mic Night at College of the Desert (this past Wednesday). Can I get a hand clap for all of you??? Clap for yourselves! That’s awesome. I’m am currently scrambling for photos and videos. If you have ’em, then send ’em this way.

8. Sunday = Funday at SCRAP Gallery. Feel like waking up and making some art? For free? Well then, come meet me at SCRAP Gallery on the Date Festival Fairgrounds. I will be there making art and probably talking a lot. Hint Hint: this is where the CVAS December 19th party will be… come check out the venue and share your ideas with me!!

9. Commercial Break. Ooooooohhhhh yeah… get ready for this bad boy…..

10. Randoms. I find awesome things on the Internet everyday. You never know what will pop up and into a post.

11. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Party time, Excellent. Good parties happening for good reasons this weekend. All the info… all right here…

* * * * * * *
Thanks for being patient! And thanks for all the support! We love you!
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Thanks for spending another week with us on the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog….