I think it is safe to say that the public radio station, KCRW, has been one of the most influential and educational radio stations in terms of music, culture and current events in Southern California for the past 10 years.

Lucky for us Coachella Vallians, we have been granted the gift of having the radio broadcast, which is stationed in Santa Monica at the Santa Monica Community College, streamed all the way out here. And because of this, we have been nurtured with nothing but the richest in music and food for thought. Thus, it is only natural that have then resulted to be a valley that is known worldwide for pumping out some truly amazing artists.
Living proof would be a DJ that hails from the Coachella Valley, who is an avid KCRW listener, DJ Day. DJ Day’s music has been featured on KCRW late night DJ sessions many times, but just this past week Jeremy Sole invited DJ Day to come on into the studio and play his own jams.
You must take a listen.
Links are provided below.
Coachella Valley’s DJ Day
KCRW’s Jeremy Sole

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