about 300 people showed up
Flip was definitely in the house
Epidemic was definitely in the house
Alf Alpha was definitely in the house
The Coachella Valley Art Scene was definitely in the house
and Ace Hotel was the house
this photo was taken after more than half the room cleared out. not photographed were all the other people who had to watch from outside because it was so packed in there.

i’m an 80’s baby. kids are so much more stylish these days!
i guess heather liked the video premiere?
jared huss in in hhhhiiiiiiiizzzzzzzoooouuuussseeeee!
word to ya motha!
steven preston doesn’t just communicate verbally through his California Soul podcast, he also is quite the communicator by use of sign language. a real talented guy.
ya know…. i didn’t go to high school with this guy, but if he didn’t nominated Best Dressed then there is definitely corruption in the system
a saucer from outter space came down and left all this flip gear. the aliens took a skater back with them for some lab tests.
after party was at glen’s house and then at steven prestons.

everyone’s camera broke that night.
but if yours didn’t and you have more photos, please send them this way.