And welcome back to the show.
As all, some, or none of you know, The Coachella Valley Art Scene had an amazing opportunity to work and camp out at the Phish Festival 8 at the Empire Polo Fields this past Halloween weekend.
It was an awesome experience and one that took a lot of preplanning (so please excuse the lack of updates and prettiness on the blog these past two weeks) and one that also incorporated and brought together a lot of local artists (which is what we are passionate about over here at the CVAS headquarters).
The CVAS put together an Arts Studio in the camping section of the festival. The Art Studios was a feature of the Phish Festival 8 show that offered campers to come make arts and crafts with local artists for free. It created a sense of community, a place to meet people from all over the globe, and a place to make a piece of art that you will have with you as a memory forever. It was truly an amazing and uplifting experience not only for each of us individually, but also for all the Coachella Valley artists as a group to come together as a whole and share the desert’s young and vibrant art culture with about 7,000 other open minded people.
Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering….. yes, I have been converted to a Phish fan.
No, you won’t lose your blogger to dred-locks and vegan food… but… you will be able to catch me at the next Phish west coast show, for sure.
Peace, Love, Blogging and Phish.
This week’s treasures are:

1. Phish Phest Fotos. In 2 -3 weeks will have a 15 minute documentary on the Phish Art Studios ready for you guys. In the meantime, I will be sharing some snip bits with you guys… a few photos here… a few photos there… eventually, the best ones will end up in a very large Phish Festival 8 Art Studios Recap.

2. Dia de los Muertos. This Saturday there is some major Dia De Los Muertos celebrating going on in Coachella. Raices and Culturas are both having events and we are looking forward to sharing the information with you all. If you are a Day of the Dead fan, then you don’t wanna miss this.

3. The CVAS + Oscar from LQHS. We are happy to announce here on the CVAS blog that we got a really sweet email from Oscar over at La Quinta High School. Oscar wrote a really cool letter saying how much he appreciates the blog and that he was interested in interviewing the CVAS for his school newspaper. We are super stoked! We are going to meet up with Oscar tomorrow at La Quinta High School at 3:00pm! Thanks Oscar!!! And we will be linking the interview to the website as soon as it is published.

4. Best Part Contest Winner. Epidemic had a really cool Best Part contest… a competition to show off your best skills, put it on youtube, and submit it to the skate expertise of the desert. Turns out… they have a winner! And the CVAS is happy to stream the video this week. It’s super cool. Butt cracks and all…

5. Garage Sale. Oh… speaking of Epidemic, did you know that they are having a garage sale this weekend? Now, I don’t know about you… but I slam on my breaks whenever I drive by a pretty cool looking garage sale. Garage sales are pretty much my forte. Anyways, this should be good and if you are looking for a few cool things to spruce up your room… look no further.

6. A HomeGrown Revolution. Right in your backyard. This Sunday there is going to be a Dinner + a Movie gig featuring the film, “A HomeGrown Revolution”. The event is put together by the Palm Springs Green Scene…. the hippest green thumbs out there.

7. Vampire Weekend. We all know that Vampire Weekend is playing this Thursday at Pappy & Harriet’s, right? Right. It’s sold out.

8. California Soul Interviews The Ghosts of J Dee’s Landing. California Soul is rumored to interview The Ghosts of J Dee’s Landing tonight. The Ghosts are the guys who have been booking the super uber doober cool indie rock/experimental shows at J Dee’s for the past year. These guys are not just organizers, not just promoters, but they are music educators! I am super excited to hear this interview, as the guys will be discussing their 1 year anniversary. Right on!

9. Free Film + Family + Performances + Sculptures. Yes! This is another Free 2nd Sunday at the Palm Springs Art Museum. We love it. We get a free film, a free family (jk, free family activities), get to watch free performances in the lovely theater, and also get free lessons on how to create sculptures. Please, someone out there what is better than that on a Sunday?

10. Commercial Break. I’m so excited to share this one…. I have some DJ Day spookiness, some Caxton commercials…. some back stage at Phish Fest fun…. some randomness… and some other stuff. This commercial break is gonna be fun.

11. Randoms. There is always room for something. Something strange that the Internet sends my way…. keep an eye out!

12. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Party time in full effect. Looks like none of the party organizers, party promoters, bands, or party people overdosed on candy last weekend… which is a good thing because this week everyone is still down to hang. So hang on as we got a tons of really cool parties to twitter to all your friends about.

Thanks for being so patient everyone, as we were really busy this past month organizing the Art Studios at Phish Fest. We promise we will have something to prove for ourselves and reason for a lack of updates. I missed and love you guys. Even if it is only an online relationship. Whatevz. Okay, for realzzz though… if you have any questions, or comments, rants, or rages… please email me! thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com