Here at the CVAS Headquarters, we are constantly seeking for new sources of inspiration. Whether it be a new track that a band lays down, or a new piece that an artist paints, or a new movement that a leader takes on.

I was just thinking last night that it’s important to share your inspirations, because in doing that, you inspire and educate everyone around you.
So, this week on the blog I want to take the time to share with you a local artist who I always have my eye out on. I subscribe to his blog, I follow his work, and I do so because he is pretty awesome.

His name is Phillip Smith III.
His studio is located out in Indio and you can check out his latest works at
Royal Projects
75270 HWY 111 Ste 205
Indian Wells, CA
He has a new website out that is dedicated to his work.
The direct link is:
Check out what this Coachella Valley artist puts out:
For more information, please visit: