Desert Rats on Shore.

Meet Landen and Casey Renee.
These kids to the left of this text are two of the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s newest muses. And

I don’t know about your Halloween, but ours was pretty great.
Phish Festival 8 in our backyard (Indio,CA) is going to go down as one of the hardest Halloween weekends to top (all too epic). And we will be debuting a documentary and complete party recap soon… BUT the bottom line is… that was last week. Blah blah blah… it’s time to move on.
This weekend there are some solid events going down. From underground Hip Hip shows (congratulations to Space 120! Their big grand opening Friday night), to community culture events (what’s up Raices!), to gay pride parties (hey guys) this weekend definitely doesn’t fall short of entertainment.
So there’s not going to be about 50,000 people in your backyard all on the same musical high as you… but whatever, there will however probably be 50 of your closest friends at the bar.
Either way, it’s all groovy baby.
Yeah baby… yyeeaahhhh…..

*Big ups to Adam Moore, an awesome photographer. Keep an eye out on the guy… he’s got some cool stuff planned.

Big pimpin’ and spenin’ G’s:

Space 120 is to downtown Palm Springs as is what the Roxy is to Hollywood. And if you haven’t been to either of those venues…. then…. uhhh…. poor you.
If you feel like going out of town…. then you should definitely stop by New Image Art Gallery in West Hollywood. This is probably my favorite art gallery in LA. It is the stomping grounds for all skaters, surfers, and bad asses alike to come and enjoy good art and music. The Date Farmers will be showing their latest works (ummmmmm some amazing stuff, duh) and Alf Alpha is going to be doing live tape (not CD or vinyl) mixes. The band that recently had a show at J Dee’s, Mikki and the Mauses will be there as well. Swing by.
All I know is that this party is gonna be ranging!!! I don’t know about you, but the land of milk and honey sounds pretty promising to me.
Don’t get too crazy on Friday night, or else you’re gonna miss all the good ish at Epidemic’s Garage Sale. Early bird gets the worm.
Dia De Los Muertos. Ahhh yes. Such a must. Always a good time. And now they are coming well equipped with some after parties. Can we say…… party.

Thanks for spending another week with us. The desert is bursting with creations… nest week we already got a packed schedule of things to show off for you guys. We love it! Keep us busy. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. Much love. For any questions, comments, concerns, love, hate, lust, or all of the above: