If any of you care to know, as I write this Weekly Forecast I am listening to a variety of punk & Rock n’ Roll bands from all over Southern California.

Michael from Slipping Into Darkness is sending me band names via Myspace Messenger and I’m having the time of my life listening to these amazing tracks and writing for the blog at the same time.
Anyway, the real reason why I even bring up what I am listening to on Myspace right now is because I am searching for some bands to book for my December 19th party. Yes, the Coachella Valley Art Scene is having a raging party on December 19th. And yes, it is all ages and you are invited. I am aiming to get some of my favorite and most inspiring indie bands from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, the High Desert and the Low Desert to share a night together. I figure if we all get together one night, we could have a really good time. A little Southern California love fest. Not to mention, I will be showcasing a bunch of local, young visual artists from around the Coachella Valley as well. And, let’s not forget your local skaters. Gotta have the homies bust tricks on some half pipes and rails.
I am naming and theming the party, “Something From Nothing”. I think that is a theme that we can all relate to on some level. It also is a direct correlation to the whole blogger mentality and reality that anyone can start one of these and make something from it… all you gotta do is do it!
So, let’s do it!
This week we’re doing the following:

1. The Chinese Starts tonight at J Dee’s. Let’s not fool ourselves. Anyone who has the Internet has to know about this party tonight. Not only are the fellas from The Ghost Channel throwing this, but Epidemic is also promoting this party. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that this party is also a celebration that J Dee’s is now an 18+ venue!!!! If you know how either of these parties roll, then you know it’s gonna be deep. Go early to even get in.

2. Latina Obscura. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, dreams come true. And they come true at Space 120. This Wednesday your local sexy Latinos of the desert are getting together to deliver some of the rarest and most original performances (performance art, plays, poems, etc) for free. Free. Yeah, free. No need to say no! Vamos!!

3. Sounds of the Desert: Los Mumblers!. Personally, we love the kids. We found a free download of their latest album online and we are excited to share it with you guys. This sounds of the desert is gonna be a fun one.

4. For the Next 7 Generations. I’m excited about this one. Check it out, the Palm Springs Green Scene is having a special fundraiser screening of For the Next 7 Generations: 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Weaving a World that Works Thursday November 12th at 6:30pm. It’s a film that “documents the momentous journey of thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers as they travel around the globe to promote world peace and share their indigenous ways of healing. Originating from all four corners, these wise elders, shamans and medicine women first came together in 2004 at an historic gathering in upstate New York. Moved by their concern for our planet, they decided to form an alliance: The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.” – taken from the Palm Springs Green Scene email.

5. Explorations of the Desert. Desert fashion. It’s something that you don’t even realizes that goes on until you go out of town and people start asking if you’re a “desert kid.” Hmmmm. It’s all in the steelo. Fashion photographer and blogger, Luisa, captures what it is to have desert steelo.

6. Free Foreign Film + Performance Piece + Glass Blowing on the Go. The Palm Springs Art Museum is really doing some cool stuff right now. They are reaching out to the local community and providing a lot of cool opportunities for those who don’t have a lot of cash to experience art, film, and performances pieces for themselves. We like that… considering… we don’t have a lot of $$$ and we like to experience a lot of art. usually, the two never go hand in hand. Right on, guys.

7. Food Festival. I follow a lot of blogs from the desert, and I have to say that there aren’t that many “foodie” blogs out there. Which, I am surprised because the desert has some good eats! We got Mexican food down to a science, but I have also had some amazing Indian food and Vegan food as well. So, I’m hoping this Food Festival going down this weekend will spark some of you foodies to come out of the closet. Come and get your culinary experience on.

8. La Quinta High School Artists. Hey, all you La Quinta High School artists out there… I know a lady who is looking for a few of you guys to help her paint a mural. It is a paying gig… and a cool one. We’re talking mixed media, graffiti, and painting. Cash is involved. If you are interested, email me and I will give you her information. She needs people by this Friday, November 13th. So get on it! It will be fun.

9. Randoms. Man, there is a bunch of random stuff that I want to surprise you with this week. The psychic that predicts these Weekly Forecasts for the CVAS doesn’t know every trick I have up my sleeve, only some. Keep an eye out for surprises.

10. Commercial Break. Remember that little blurb about Phish Festival 8? Wait till you see some of the videos.

11. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Party time!!! My favorite time. This weekend is gonna be fun. Side note: It’s Johnny 5000 (aka 5000 Photography) birthday this Saturday!!! It’s gonna be crazy at J Dee’s, that all I gotta say about that.

Thanks for spending another week with us. Thanks for all the support. And thanks for all the comments. It really keeps us going. We are doing a bunch of collaborations with artists and local businesses from all over the desert and think you guys are gonna really love whats happening. Thanks again! You continue to inspire. For any questions, comments, or cacti: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com