A 4am Meteor Shower.
A 5am cup of coffee.
A 7am stretch.
And an 8am blog post.
In the wee hours of the night and morning some people think up their most profound thoughts, some create their most profound works, and some find the most interesting youtubes.
And sometimes it’s all of the above.
This week is inspired by the Meteor shower.
Some bits and pieces of information will be appearing and disappearing right before your eyes, while others will leave a chip on your shoulder and in your memory.
To the expansion of the desert artists influences across the world, to sleeping walking, to explorations, to zeros, to literary festivals, the blog is full of shooting stars this week.
Jump on our magic carpet ride and hold on.

1. The Phish Festival 8 Art Studios Recap. (drum roll please) The moment you have all been waiting for. The teaser is ready and the alarm for the mini documentary on the Art Studios will be ready to come out of the oven by the end of this week. This means, you will be able to see pictures, see text, see video and see much more. Not only will the CVAS blog be doing a recap, we will also be creating an additional website to further explain everything to you. And if all this blabber is confusing you, please refer to www.TheCoachellaArtStudios.com to get an idea of the kind of work we do and what we did at this past Coachella (similar to what we did at Phish).

2. Desert Warmth in Cold Places. There are a few young artists around town who are get love on a global scale and we are excited to share with you their latest praises from far away regions.

3. INTERVIEW: Desert Nymph. Interpret the name as you will, but the Desert Nymph is a lady from the high desert who is making a name for herself on the Internet. A couple blogs have got their eye on her and one blog in particular reached out to Desert Nymph to ask her some Q and A’s about the desert rock and roll scene. It’s an all around great interview and I’m pretty excited to feature it.

4. Commercial Break. Last week our commercials seemed to focus around the desert street art scene, which a live and well. This week, we have been catching some glimpses of some gnarly punk rock youtubes.

5. Something From Nothing. Something From Nothing is going to be a party that the Coachella Valley Art Scene is throwing. This is a celebration not just that the CVAS has been running for about a year and a half, but also that we just got accepted to be an umbrella non-profit arts organization under the Coachella Valley Art Alliance! This is a big deal for us and super cutting edge (a blog to a non-profit, who knew). Anyways, there is no better way to celebrate then to bring everyone together and have a good time. This includes you and everyone you know. Information on how to submit art, dates, times, lineup, and other cool things coming soon.

6. Art Shows. There are some amazing art shows this week and it’s possible to make it to every single one. That is, if you hop on this magic carpet of ours….

7. Zero. The Zero Video Premiere is going down this weekend at the Utility Board Shop in Palm Desert. Be there or be a weirdo.

8. PSAM. New works + Free Foreign Film = fun.

9. Literally. For all my poets, my writers, my bloggers, my songwriters…. there is a Literary Festival going on this weekend at the University of California, Riverside at the Palm Desert campus. More info in a bit.

10. Holiday Cheer. So, you got the whole family in town… and everyone is tapping their toes at you… expecting you to know where everything is and what to do. Fun, right? Well, lucky for you, we got it covered. A list of shows for you and your family to check out will be posted this week. Oh, the holidays…

11. Explorations of the Desert. We did a little exploring this past weekend. See what we did.

12. Things 2 Do Thursdays. This weekend doesn’t fall short on the party circuit. Get connected and stay connected.

Thanks for tuning in. And thanks for the support! Stay tuned as we got a lot to blog about this week! Email me if you got something to blog about too: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com