You got two kinds of family.

You got your family-family, who share the same blood as you.
Then you got your other family, your friends.
Both of your families are hungry. Hungry for a good after party.
Double trouble.
They both look to you…
“What are we gonna go do tonight?”
Where do you look?
You got a lot of pressure on you.
You look to us.
And we look to you.
Yes, you have came to the right place to find an after party. Although, there isn’t much going on in the organized party world this weekend (seems as if the party organizers/promoters took a week off), there are a few things. If you wanna dip out of town and show the fam LA, we got you. If the IE is as far as you can last in a car ride, we got you. And if you are staying here in the desert, we got each other.
It’s shame we have such slim pickins’ this Thanksgiving in terms of the night life.
Guess you’re going to have to suppress your appetite until next weekend when the desert serves up some of the most delicious indie rock you have ever heard.
Eat your heart out:



thanks for reading! and thanks for all your support! enjoy the holiday and we will see you next week!