the Palm Springs Arts Museum presents…
a FREE Foreign Film

Song From the Southern Seas, Kazakhstan, 2008
December 3, 6 p.m. in the Annenberg Theater


Two couples, one Russian and one Kazakh, live side by side in relative harmony in a beautiful yet semi-desolate region of the Great Steppe. But when the fair-skinned Russians give birth to a boy of decidedly darker skin, fifteen years of suspicion and acrimony arises between them, and can only be resolved by an ironic twist of family and fate. At times darkly somber, at other times tender and wistful-and buoyed throughout by a soundtrack of folk-inspired melodies-writer-director Marat Sarulu draws on Kazakhstan’s epic history to create a gritty and deeply compassionate tale of humor and cultural insight.” – Global Lens 2009

We all know that times are tuff and we can’t physically travel around the world… so, take the next best thing (cheaper, too) and travel visually through the eye of the Russian director. He sees things from a way prettier perspective, anyways.
Check it out: